Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This is Canada

Believe it or not this is a photo taken in Canada. My husband and I took my wee one to the Sand Hills this past weekend - the Sand Hills is a popular beach spot for families on Lake Erie in Southwestern Ontario. It was gorgeous - I couldn't believe how blue the water was - almost reminiscent of a caribbean resort spot. And this is Canada!!! By the way, where that bench is in the picture, is about a 30 ft drop down to the beach. We are actually in the middle of huge sand cliff here.
The smaller picture shows the opposite view to give some perspective on how much further we had to go down to get to the water. The walk back up was atrocious. Great workout though.
The birthday card I have posted here, incorporates the colours of our day at the beach. I love bashful blue and close to cocoa - great colour combination!!! And what about that Baroque Motif? It's an awesome set - so elegant and versatile!

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