Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunshiny Day

What a glorious day here in Southwestern Ontario. The sun was out full force and I enjoyed every minute of it. We haven't seen too much of good ol' Mr. Sunshine lately so we have been delighted he blessed us with a whole day.

Spring cleaning was on the agenda and it's something I really don't mind doing when I can open the windows and pump up the dance tunes for a little extra motivation. I'm so proud of myself this week. I signed up for acting classes - something I've been meaning to do for a long time now. I'm very nervous to be revisiting that part of me but more excited than anything else. And you know what? It feels right. It feels like I'm being pushed in this direction and I'm just letting the force take me.

Also, I'm excited to report that I went on a date to see Fracture last night with my husband. My homey Ryan Gosling didn't let me down. His performance was terrific. He does our country and region proud. I was a little disappointed in the story but 2 hours of Gosling suited me fine. I'm also happy that he was in a film that my husband could stand to watch. The Notebook was hard for him to stomach. At least he had some pleasure in watching Rachel McAdams.

Anyway, my artistic contribution to this site is my "Laugh" card. It's all about welcoming the Spring and reminding myself and others to laugh. It truly is the best medicine and a great sentiment to reach out to anyone for almost any reason. My "So Good" card is a tribute to all things good in life and for doing "so good" by taking my first step on my journey of discovering my "Dramatic" self.

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