Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some Summer Travel Ideas for Southwestern Ontario

I've just added a link for "101 Things to See and Do in Southwestern Ontario". I love to have ideas for day trips in my area and this article in the London Free Press gave me some great tips on things to do that I never thought of before. When travelling across Europe, I started to realize there were so many places in my own back yard that I've never seen and took for granted. I've since started to take daytrips and have found it's a great way to get out and immerse myself in my local culture and have time to spend with my family. It allows me to pass on some traditions, culture and heritage to my kids. If you live in Southwestern Ontario or think you might like to visit, check out some of these ideas.

For myself, some personal favourites are picnics in Stratford along the river by the Festival theatre, picnic at Queenston Heights at the base of Brock's monument, a drink at Rock's Pub and Grub in Innerkip. Please let me know of any of your personal favourites.

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