Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chugga Chugga Christmas

Have you seen or heard about the Canadian Pacific Holiday train? It's a wonderful holiday treat for anyone. We've started to make it a tradition to catch a glimpse of it as it passes through our village every year. If you check out the schedule each year, you can trek to one of its stop locations and see some fabulous holiday entertainment. I, myself, have not yet witnessed the entertainment acts, but my husband, two wee boys and I, camp out at the side of the road by our neighbourhood train tracks for a 1/2 hour to see the festive locomotive as it goes by.

This year, being the first time for this annual event for us, was so exciting. Here we were, all of us crammed in the front of our SUV in the dark, waiting patiently for the train. Every time there was a passing light or the possible sound of a train horn in the distance, my 5 year old would start to squeal with excitement which would trigger my 8 month old to do the same.

Finally, when it arrived, it was spectacular. Every car lit up with festive lights and images, it was almost like seeing Santa's sleigh magically soaring by on Christmas Eve. Sadly, it goes by so quickly that my boys awe swiftly turned to disappointment as the train chugged on its merry way to the next stop on its list. For us, in Southwestern Ontario, the train visits in early December so I told my boys not to be too down because this is only the beginning of a season that is sure to be full of more magic and excitement.

For more information visit the
Holiday Train's website or Blog.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, this is one my Christmas card creations I will be sending out this year.

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