Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Care for a Glass of Wine?

Something I really enjoy, especially after a hectic day, is a nice glass of red wine. I find you can't gulp it or guzzle it, you must sip it and enjoy it slowly. This forces you to take time to relax and reflect. An important activity in this fast and busy world.

Funny, when I was a student, when weekends were defined by parties and alcohol consumption, I tried just about every kind of liquor in search of something that I could get past my taste buds. I stayed clear of wine though. I thought the taste was offensive and couldn't believe that there were folks that thought it was well paired with meals.

Having many years in between to acquire a taste, I am now, very much a fan of wine, especially, full-bodied, dry red ones. Fetzer Merlot is one of my favourites. Winemaker Dennis Martin sums it up well: "This wine goes great with just about any meal, making it a good choice to have on hand for every day". I try to have it on hand but I'm afraid it never lasts long once it's in the house.

The Fetzer Vineyards site is also a great one to visit if you are a wine lover. Not only can you read about the wines they offer, you can find recipes and menus that go particularly well with each.

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